Free Game Art/Assets
  • Game Art Giveaway #4 – by : September 8, 2014

    If you are working on a platform shooter or something similar then I have a good news for you. As you know that every month I create 2D art for Indie developers who just can’t draw or lack in ...

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  • GameArt Giveaway #2 by : August 22, 2014

    After the success of my first game art giveaway,I am feeling proud to announce second game art giveway. Few days ago, I found a screenshot of the game. So I thought to create the same game assets. I created ...

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  • GameArt Giveaway #1 by : July 31, 2014

    Creating your own game art is hard when you are a programmer. There are many game developers who leave their game creations unfinished because of graphics issue. You can’t do that. Either learn to ...

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