• 1Mobile Market: A perfect alternative by : December 22, 2013

    Play store is the official marketplace for google android apps. But it has several limitations like pause support, can even download application incompatible with your device, Many apps are not available in certain countries. The worst thing ablout it is ...

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  • Breaking the password of Hide by : December 15, 2013

    Who doesn’t know about Hide it pro. It is one of the best app to hide your personal photos, videos, audio or even sms’es for android. You can use pattern or Pin based lock in it. There are times when ...

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  • Bypass Applock and other android by : December 14, 2013

    If you have an Android phone then you would be aware from lock apps like Applock, Vault, Gallery lock, Messenger lock or whatsapp lock. These applications sets a password or pattern to any android application. Many secures their private pictures ...

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