Game Maker Studio tutorials
  • New Game Maker Language Book by : August 27, 2014

    A new Game Maker Language book got successfully funded in a day. The project “ Game Maker Language: An in Depth Guide” is started by Heartbeast ( a popular Game Maker user) who also runs videos on Game ...

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  • Game Maker Studio Books: 2014 by : July 30, 2014

    GameMaker: Studio is a full game development tool, featuring a level editor, asset manager, code editor, and its own scripting language known as GameMaker Language (GML). It is a professional tools to create games for multiple platforms. There are few ...

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  • Rotating any sprite in Game by : June 28, 2014

    Today we will learn how to rotate any sprite in Game Maker Studio. May be you want to create a rotating asteroid for your game. Possibilities are endless. So here is a quick way to do this. Steps: 1. Create a new ...

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