Free Game Icons For Creating 2D RPG

Hello, friends!

Today I will share with you sites where you can find free icons for creating 2D RPG games. It will be icons of clothes, weapons, food, magic items and much more. Everything you download can be used for commercial purposes. Anyway, I recommend you to read the license on each site.

Where to find free icons?

Site (license allows use in commercial projects)

1) Download Middle Ages 

2) Download Kraft 

3) Download Skills 

4) Download Coins and objects 

5) Download Armor

6) Download Mage’s Clothing

7) Download Daggers

8) Download Potions

Site (download for free, there is a built-in editor)

Here you can easily create the desired icon, you can change the color and choose the size. – look for graphics on the necessary tags, for example: weapons, armor, etc.


All the graphics here are free. You can find a decent material. Carefully read the license of each author.

1) Download Different icons

2) Download Magic Clothing

3) Download Fantasy

4) Download Items

5) Download Skills

6) Download Skills


Some authors freely distribute their assets on and allow it to be used for commercial purposes.

1) Download Pixel art

2) Download Pixel art


Here the authors are free to spread the graphics in a special section. You can download it and thank the author.

1) Download Weapons

2) Download Different

3) Download Pixel art

I hope this collection will help you find quality assets for your game project.


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