10 Sets of Free Characters for the Platformer Game


Today I made a selection of 10 sets. These are free characters that can be useful in a platformer game. For example, as opponents, or vice versa as the main characters. All of them already have ready-made animation. The selection contains works by different authors. Each of them has their own style. You can use graphics in commercial projects. Of course, I recommend reading the license from the authors. We wish you many successful game projects!

1) Free Minotaur Tiny Style 2D Sprites

2) Free RPG Monster Sprites Pixel Art

3) Free Reaper Man Chibi 2D Game Sprites

4) Assassin, Mage, Viking Free Pixel Art Game Heroes

5) Free Pixel Art Tiny Hero Sprites

6) Medieval Warrior Pack

7) Zombie Character

8) 2D Knight Chibi

9) Pack with Player character and five enemies

10) Alien armored Character Sprite



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