15 Nature Low Poly Packs for Games

Hello, Friends! This collection will be interesting for developers of 3D games.

Today I will show you 15 interesting works in the Low Poly style. It will be sets on the theme of Nature: plants, trees, stones, etc. There are summer and winter versions. All this is perfect for those who need to create a landscape in a game project. All collections are free. Since the authors are different, please read carefully their license. Follow the links and just download the files. I hope the graphics will be useful to you. Good luck!

15 Nature Low Poly Packs for Games:

1) Free Tree 3D Low Poly Pack

2) Free Stone 3D Low Poly Models

3) Free Winter Tree 3D Low Poly Models

4) Free Bush 3D Low Poly Models

5) Free Desert Plant 3D Low Poly Models

6) Low poly Nature Project

7) Low Poly Nature Pack

8) Low Poly Forest Pack

9) Modular Hilly Terrain Expansion

10) Low Poly Forest MiniMap

11) Low Poly – Winter Forest Pack

12) LowPoly Environment Pack by Korveen

13) Low Poly Tree Pack

14) LowPoly Water

15) Free Low Poly Toon Nature


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