Draw All Your Game Art Course 2 – Available on CartoonSmart

Few months ago, I reviewed the best course available to learn to create 2d game art. Justin Dike, founder of CartoonSmart was working on another course. I was patiently waiting for its completion. Today, I am too excited to announce that the course is available on CartoonSmart. This course is not the follow-up course of the previous course. You can follow this course even if you haven’t bought the previous one. The previous course takes you creating a logo to special effects. The character animation section was on designing ¾ top view game character.


This course is different and that’s the real thing to be so excited about it. It teaches you to draw a side scroller character and then animating them. It also provide great lessons creating levels and pick up items. The last section shows you the various style of character art.

Course Outline

Section 1: In this series of videos we’ll draw a side scrolling character from scratch in Adobe Flash.

Lesson 1 – Course Assets

Lesson 2 – Initial Setup

Lesson 3 – Head and Eyes

Lesson 4 – Shading and Noses

Lesson 5 – Facial Hair and Ears

Lesson 6 – Helmet part 1

Lesson 7 – Helmet part 2

Lesson 8 – Body and Arms

Lesson 9 – Legs and Cloak

Lesson 10 – The Axe

Lesson 11 – Wrap Up


Section 2: In this series of videos we will animate the character we drew in the previous section, export the character, look at creating sprite sheets, texture atlases, batch renaming sequential files and creating animation templates for reusing key frames / sequences with similar characters.

Lesson 1 – Initial Setup

Lesson 2 – Walk Cycle

Lesson 3 – Template Considerations

Lesson 4 – Creating an Animated Template

Lesson 5 – Resolve Library Conflicts

Lesson 6 – Animating a Run Cycle

Lesson 7 – Swap Symbols vs Find and Replace

Lesson 8 – Bright Idea? Leaving Notes

Lesson 9 – Jump Animation

Lesson 10 – Dazed or Hurt Animation

Lesson 11 – Attack Animation


Section 3: In these videos you will learn how to create platform art for a typical side-scrolling game. We will look at ground tiles, backgrounds, scenery, various objects and more!

Lesson 1 – Ground Tiles

Lesson 2 – Underground Tiles

Lesson 3 – Background and Foreground Elements

Lesson 4 – Clouds

Lesson 5 – 2D and 3D-ish Pipes!

Lesson 6 – Blocky Platforms

Lesson 7 – Rocky or Organic Platforms

Lesson 8 – How to Draw Backgrounds

Lesson 9 – Using Repeating Shapes to Draw Backgrounds


Section 4: In these video tutorials we’ll look at how to draw pickup-items on a level (things like hearts, gears, dynamite, etc) and then look at creating more traditional icons for GUI.

Lesson 1 – Hearts / Gears

Lesson 2 – Radioactive Gas Mask Icon

Lesson 3 – Dynamite

Lesson 4 – GUI


Section 5: In this section we will explore different styles of art.

Lesson 1 – Block Style Character

Lesson 2 – Space Invader-ish Character or Icon


The course has 5 hour of solid content for people who wants to be a 2D game artist. I have bought his previous course so I can blindly trust him. He is a professional artist and a great teacher. I will be picking it soon and reviewing it here.

Sujit Yadav

Sujit Kumar Yadav is a tech savvy who loves to explore about new technology. He is also passionate about animation and game development. He loves to write poems and to draw. He is a learner of life who loves travelling, meeting new people and dancing.

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