Online Income Report #2

Income report_2

Every month I will be publishing my transparent income reports. June was a crazy month. Everything was going fine. I had 10 sales on Amazon in the first 5 days of the month. Suddenly the sales dropped drastically. After the four days of no sale, I checked my book on Amazon and found that a one star review was posted. So I quickly taken down my book from the store and started working on it. I found lots of grammar mistakes. I realized how the reader would be feeling. Sorry for that. I have completely revised it and fixed many stupid mistakes. I am going to e-mail the book to the people who have bought my book from the website. About Amazon, the book will be live soon. I am working on a better kindle edition. But I don’t have much money to hire a professional. Kindle is giving me headache. I am not able to format it correctly. It was my main source of income.


Total sales: 16



Money earned:

Amazon :      – 12.43 USD         –   1.76 EUR

Website: 21 USD

For the first time, I sold 6 copies on my website. Apart from grammar mistakes, I received a pretty good feedback from a reader. The money earned on Amazon from the previous edition is given to a charity name “Nanhi Kali”. It is an NGO for Girl child Education that provides primary education to underprivileged girl children in India. I want to do it once. I have earned half of the money to pay for the web hosting. I saw a growth on my site stats too. But I have a long way to go.



Amazon10 sales
Website6 sales


What’s next?

I will be working on my second book. There is lots of pressure coming from my parents, who wants me to get a job. They also found a 12 hour job where I will be getting 170$/mo. (approx.). I don’t want to do this because I think I can earn more by doing the things I love. Life is hard if you have big dreams. I have messed up my life by taking wrong decisions. I wanted to learn animation but my parents were against this. They wanted me to be an engineer. I completed my engineering last year. I am still jobless. I wasted their money too. Now my parents can’t afford 5000$ to get me into an animation institute. I was thinking to start a Kickstarter campaign. But they don’t allow such projects. My last hope is also gone. Lots of thoughts are revolving in my head. I don’t know what will happen. I can only wish for the better.

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Sujit Yadav

Sujit Kumar Yadav is a tech savvy who loves to explore about new technology. He is also passionate about animation and game development. He loves to write poems and to draw. He is a learner of life who loves travelling, meeting new people and dancing.

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  1. Abdulmatin Khatri
    July 8, 2014 at 2:03 pm

    oh so sad why do you not make money from making and publishing games? just make games on game maker studio for android and make account on google play(it will cost you one time to make account!) after upload your game on google play store and you have done make a better game and nice arts in it so that peoples would like to buy your game.
    Good Luck.
    I am sorry if i told something wrong! 🙁

    • Sujit Yadav
      July 8, 2014 at 3:31 pm

      Actually I want to be a writer in life and this writing process wil give me experience. After my second book I will leave game maker and will start writing books. Till then I will be concentrating on my English.

      • Abdulmatin Khatri
        July 10, 2014 at 3:53 pm

        oh thats nice

  2. Chris Vetrano
    July 17, 2014 at 4:25 am

    You have a degree in engineering? Why not get a simple job doing whatever and come home and do your writing?

    I have a degree in writing and I am now seeking a degree in Computer Science… I work part time, go to class full time and still have time to program, among other things!

    I think you have the capability to achieve your goals, but you may need to ramp up to those goals.

    • Sujit Yadav
      July 17, 2014 at 9:55 am

      The problem is I am not getting a Job. The only Job I got was of 12 hours. I left it on the first day only. I felt so exhausted. I can do the job if its only 8 hours. But after one year of unemployment, there is lots of pressure in me. I feel like I am completely lost. I feel like doing nothing at all.

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