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You will be one of the 90 percent population who are using bluetooth to send your files, images or videos. I know how it feels, looking at phone’s screen, staring at the progress bar with a slow boring blue line.

But wait! You are not born to follow the crowd. If you have an android phone and you want to send any large porn movie to your friend(Just kidding) then we have a good news for you.


Flashapp for faster transfer

Flash Transfer App is an app which provides a file-sharing functionality to your smartphone using Wi-Fi tethering. It can be used to easily connect to another android smartphone and then transfer apps, images or any other files you
may want to. We all have to agree that it is indeed a clever way to transfer data faster, given the slow speed at which Bluetooth works. This doesn’t even use your data plan, just connects to the other device over Wi-Fi.

How to use:


Flash app

1) Open Flash Transfer App on both devices. Find the option to Connect With Friends on the app homescreen.

2) Click Create Connection in the sender’s device and click Scan to Join in the receiver’s device.

3) Now once the Sender has been identified, wait for the Receiver’s device to establish the connection.

4) Upon successful connection, the app will show the name of both the Sender and Receiver on the top left corner of each device in the form of their AVATAR icons.

5) Select any file and just shake your phone. File will be transferred easily.

Download Flashapp for android

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